Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I've been meaning to post about so many things that happened the end of last year. Jason and I were able to get away at Thanksgiving, just the two of us. I felt guilty leaving the boys on a holiday, but this was a long over due get away for us. We had a wonderful time. Upon our arrival we were greeted by chickens roaming freely around the countryside. They were everywhere we went. Jason and I decided that chickens in Kauai are like the geese in Boise, viewed slightly as a pest, but still cute.While out snorkeling we came across this Monk Seal taking a siesta on Poipu beach.

We did quite a bit of sight-seeing. Here we are at Spouting Horn, where we had so much fun shopping. I came home with the most beautiful pearls and we found the boys oyster shells to crack into and set their own pearl. We shopped so much our first day there that Jason had a blister by that evening.

On another outing we ate lunch at a darling cafe, I'll have to dig through my binder to find the name of it, and then drove up to Waimea Canyon. The picture of this amazing site does not do it justice.

We went to a great "Luau" but unfortunately we were rained out and the show was moved inside. It was still lovely.

We visited the Kauai Coffee Plantation and tasted several coffee blends.
We found an amazing beach hidden off of the beaten track. I tried to jump in and swim but the current was so strong that I ended up with a bathing suite full of sand. This was a better beach for a picnic than a swim.
We took a sunset dinner cruise along the Napali Coast, but I was not able to get good pictures. We were drenched by the end of the cruise and I was worried about getting the camera wet. We did get to see dolphins chasing our catamaran and they were adorable.

We went to Steelgrass Farms and took a tour on growing cocao and enjoyed an 11-course chocolate tasting tour along with other exotic fruits.

I just had to get a picture of this little bugger, and I wasn't a moment to soon. As soon as my flash went off he was gone. He had to be the biggest frog I've ever seen and he was right outside our condo.
The temptation to snap a few fun photos was to difficult to pass up.

Believe it or not this pay phone actually worked. I felt like I jumped into a Harry Potter film and was going to be transported to the Ministry of Magic.
And of course I've saved the best for last... beautiful and romantic sunset strolls along the beach.

We had a beautiful vacation and look forward to going again someday.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Super Sick

I was so sick this weekend. I've been meaning to get in and get a flu shot... guess there is no need now. What ever I had has got to be the worst of what could possible be going around. I couldn't get out of bed all weekend I was so miserable.

I'm really grateful for my health. Two days of being sick puts a light on how lucky we are to be healthy!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Addition

We found out the other day that Devon and JR are having a baby boy. Little Sawyer will arrive this March. Another March birthday to celebrate!! Time to start planning another shower.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Jake's Hitting Game

Jake's hitting game improved this weekend. Batting practice on Friday made a huge difference!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Applied for Graduate School

I've submitted my graduate admissions application along with most of the admissions requirements. The only outstanding item - take the GMAT. I ordered the study materials, they arrived last week. I have to say that the study materials are quite daunting....we'll see how I do.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wedding ring mishap

My wedding ring almost ended up in the Boise landfill yesterday. I somehow managed to toss it in the trash can while making dinner. When I started looking for it in the morning I had a sick feeling. I never would have thought to look in the trash had my dad had not prompted me to do so. There it was sitting at the bottom of the garbage bag on the curb of our drive. I felt pretty lucky to find it.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Broncos Vs. Aggies at Romney Stadium

What a blast!! We drove down to Logan on Friday to watch the Broncos play Utah State. I love Boise State fans! It was so much fun to travel for an away game. The weather was perfect, the fans were loud, and the company was wonderful. I had a great time.